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We are Handworxs, a small studio based in Malta that specializes in creating personalised greeting cards and planners. Our story began when we felt it was becoming difficult to find unique greeting card options in our local stores. The selection was often limited and the available cards were often generic. We wanted to create greeting cards that would speak to the recipient. With our passion for stationery, we set out to create products that would bring people together and help to make special occasions even more memorable.


We believe that connection is key and that every person deserves a unique and thoughtful gift, something that speaks to them and shows how much we care.


Our love for stationery has enabled us to expand our products by creating several planners and journals to help you keep your life organised and on track.  They're also a great way to document your thoughts and experiences or to allow you to achieve more in life.


Our products are all hand-finished here in Malta. We offer a variety of designs to choose from, and each one can be personalised. We know every occasion is unique, and we're here to help you make it even more special.


We truly believe that the little things matter and that every day should be celebrated. Our goal is to bring a little bit of joy into your life with our one-of-a-kind products. Whether it's a greeting card or planner, each piece is hand-finished with love and care.


Thanks for supporting us - we can't wait to connect with you through our products.

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